About Us

Save Our Tigers

Tigers Unlimited Wildlife Society was formed when seven like minded people who cared about wildlife especially tigers met, and wanted to do something for its protection.

We feel fascinated by the world of wild in the dense forests, even though wild and unabashed about the world beyond their home, every movement and every action hid grace, pride and fierceness amongst itself.

Our Vision

See increase in Tiger population in wild and have improved and efficient wildlife conservation.

Our Mission

To help forest department and forest guards in anti poaching camps in Forest of Karnataka State, India to fight poachers efficiently and effectively. And help in conservation of flora and fauna of the region.

Our Team

Seema Khaleel - President

Seema a financial Analyst has taken this cause which is close to heart. She has a deep passion for wildlife photography and wildlife conservation. Her contributions towards conservations go back to a decade. She has been supporting foundations and has made inestimable contribution towards promoting and working towards wildlife.

Dalpat Singh Shhekhawat - Vice President

Dalpat is a wildlife Enthusiast from royal Rajasthan and his main aim has been to bring focus on the daunting task of tackling Indias growing wildlife crisis. He does this by providing support and information to government authorities to combat poaching and the escalating illegal wildlife trade particularly in wild tigers. Now he has also been helping with human-animal conflicts and provides support for research projects.

Arati T. Nagaraja - Treasurer/ Organization & Development Director

Arati is an entrepreneur and a nature enthusiast. In 2007 Arati started Zeme clothing line made of Organic cotton out of her sheer concern for the environment. She has been an ardent admirer of wildlife and strongly believes in wildlife conservation and protection.

Guru Prasad H.V. - Chief Secretary

Managing Director of Scepter IT Technologies, was Born at Hangala a village that is usually lost in the bliss of the Bandipur forest reserve which is at a walking distance from his village. The gripping silence of the forests at night, lively chirping sounds during the day always fascinated and drew Guru towards the woods.

Aparna Bhatnagar - Secretary

Aparna is an Eco entrepreneur who runs a Store for responsible products in India. She feels strongly about conservation of Tigers and Wildlife and believes that small collective actions can go a long way in solving ecological problems. By education, she is an MBA and an ex banker.

M. Ramesh Babu - Committee Member

Ramesh is a researcher specialized in large mammal conservation, especially Tigers and Elephants. Currently writing PhD thesis on Elephant population and Human Elephant conflict.

Dr Satish Babu K - Committee Member

Satish Doctor by profession; not only maintains and restores human health also passionate about wildlife and ecology preservation.

Chetan Kondebettu Srinivas Rao - Committee Member

Chetan KS, currently working as an Engineer in Singapore. He has been an admirer of wildlife and nature and amazed by its intricacy and complexity. He believes that wildlife conservation is a basic human duty and everyone should strive towards this.